Work Experience

April 1982 – August 1987 (Assistant Professor)
Automation Research Laboratory
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

September 1987 – August 1990 (Assistant Professor)
September 1990 – March 1991 (Associate Professor)
Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

April 1991 – January 1995 (Associate Professor)
February 1995 – March 2002 (Professor)
Department of Mechano-Informatics, Graduate School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo

April 2002 –present (Professor)
Department of Mechano-Informatics
Graduate School of Information Science and technology
The University of Tokyo

September 1986 – August 1987 (Visiting Researcher)
Center for Robotics Systems in Microelectronics
University of California, Santa Barbara

July –August 1989 (Visiting Associate Professor)
Mediterranean Institute of Technology, Marseilles, France

October 1998 – November 2003 (Principle Investigator)
CREST Program
Japan Science and Technology Agency

November 2009 -December 2009 (Visiting Professor)
College de France, Paris, France