Meeting at Lake Yamanaka and Mt. Fuji

The meeting at Yamanaka-Ryo was for 2-days brainstorming (November 27,28th) among the board members and the stuff members to the president. I am among the stuff members. Discussions include the strength and weakness of UT, which was an opportunity for me to think about the international relationship and the English-speaking environments. Our laboratory currently welcomes nine international students and three post-doctoral researchers from abroad as well as twenty Japanese students. It has been an open question to myself how the creative laboratory is supposed to be in terms of communication for both our Japanese students and international members. On the way back, I visited Beni-Fuji-no-yu for the second time after the summer lab tour in August, 2010. One can see the Fuji mountain being in the hot-spring. The Fuji mountain observed is like a painting at the walls of typical Japanese public bathes. It was a perfect shape unobstructed. The photo is Mt. Fuji from a bus on the way from Beni-Fuji-no-yu to Fuji-Yoshida.


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