NAO Programing Seminar at YNL

The DAY1 of two-day course “NAO Programing Seminar at YNL” started with a speech of Bruno Maisonnier, CEO, Aldebaran Robotics. It is intended for students of YNL and those of Department of Mechano-Informatics. It is the first initiative under the Educational Program between our lab at University of Tokyo and Aldebaran Robotics. I would like to express my special thanks to the four engineers of Aldebaran who spent the whole day with the rich contents.

I came back to the class room late in the afternoon, I found some students flustrated being left behind. After talking to the engineers after the seminar, I recognized that the classroom culture in Japan made the situation. The engineers were also embarrassed with almost zero reaction of students in the classroom, while they used to have more expressive interaction with students in France. I hope it is a useful experience that they learned the most difficult skill for Japanese professors.

The USTREAM archives are as follows.




The contents of DAY1 are:

October 16th, morning: 9:30-12:00
Introduction of NAO
How to use Choregraphe /Telepathe
 +Introducation of Choregraphe
 +Behavior manager
  ->How to make motion
  ->Accessing sensor information
  ->Introduction to NaoQi framework using Python scripts in 
  ->Introduction of Proxy
  ->Synchronous and Asynchronous programming
  ->Hardware descriptions and best practices
  +How to use Telepathe: visualizing sensor data
October 16th, afternoon 13:00-17:00
 +Developing with the SDK
   ->Presentation of the SDK
   ->Going further with  NaoQi architecture (concept of modules)
   ->Installation of SDK and extra tools cmake, Python
   ->Creating and using a remote behavior
   ->Create a behavior using a Python script without Choregraphe
     (Get an image from the video extractor))
  +Create and compile a remote C++ module using ALMemory,
   Reactive programming --Checking an event/Reacting to an event--)
   ->Joint control
   ->Dynamic Walk

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