Are you looking at me?

An old Citroen (LEFT) was seen on a street in Bologna at a conference in 2006. It reminded my childhood. The faces of cars always scared me.  Norm Chomsky claims the innate linguistic system in the human brain. I would like to claim the innate anthropomorphic equipment (AE) in the human brain. The AE is the function to understand and interpret human and human behaviors, which is a development of evolution by the necessity of mutual communication between humans. Anthropomorphism and language are from the same origin and keys for human behaviors and robot intelligence. The trams (MIDDLE) and trolley-bus in San Francisco add a unique character to the city. They are of classic flavor, but even  add a high-tech flavor as a contemporary city-transportation in the current energy evolution. The face of the tram did not scared me and looked like DORAEMON to me. The arrival to Narita airport from the 11th International Symposium on the 3D Analysis of Human Movement in San Francisco was July 17th, 2010 and the very first day of the New Skyliner (RIGHT). It was cool, clean and comfortable. I wonder if its  nonorganic face still scares a child.


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