A Road to Rome

Every road goes to Rome. The old saying might not have been too common yet when this road was made in BC3rd century. In a country side within 25 km of Rome, there are two small volcanic lakes, surrounding which there is a hill of territory of Vatican City. Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, a local resident and President of IFToMM, says that the previous pope spent a lot of time there. The road is going to the top of the highest hill overlooking the lakes. Flat stone pavement, even with nonskid surface, was about 2.5 m wide and enough for two way traffic of Roman chariots. We were on the same road that Caesar and Augustus walked to go to the church on the top of the hill, said Prof. Ceccarelli. The conversation about the international academic society was sometimes intervened by such Roman histories or vice versa, reminding me to be prepared with histories to intervene whenever speaking with Italian friends.


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