I plan to make a series of four lectures on humanoid robotics, being hosted by Prof. Alain Berthoz, Professeur au Collège de France, Chaire de physiologie de la perception et de l’action.  

The overall title of the series is:

“Contemporary Study in Humanoid Robotics”

(1) Challenges in Humanoid Robotics (11.25.2009, 17:00)
(2) Toward Humanoid Robots Accumulating Human Behaviors (12.2.2009, 17:00)
(3) Toward Humanoid Robots Understanding Human Sensation (12.10.2009, 16:00)
(4) Toward Humanoid Robots Communicating with Humans (12.16.2009, 17:00)

The first lecture was made this Wednesday. The photo is the pyramid of Louvre after the first lecture.


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